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Engineering from eXDCi Solutions point of view

We understand engineering as the key factor that ensures proper development of a project in all of it´s phases.

We offer comprehensive engineering disciplines electrical, instrumentation and control. Developing different types of engineering such us Conceptual Eng., Basic Eng., Detailed Eng. and Manufacturing Eng. of a project from the main electrical power supply to the SCADA monitoring interface.

The QUALITY is our goal

Achieving the objective of project profitability is mainly based on the value of the working team and the optimal definition of the communication procedures with the customer.

Continuous analysis of the state of the project (engineering) will define areas of improvement so as to reach the optimal results. (shorter deadlines and the final customer satisfaction).

Our priority is to provide the customer with the right framework to follow the project milestones. (Risk Analysis and Contingency Plan).

The global nature of the projects, the high level of requirements from final customers and the joint work between different companies, has generated an increase in the importance of these communication and control elements.

The correct definition of the FAT tests is one of the most important issues to achieve the project estimated profitability, since it allows the anticipation of possible problems in the plant (abroad) and limit the risks on the SAT and Acceptance tests.

Our Goal is to reduce uncertainty to the final customer during the project.


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