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eXDCi Services

Advanced Electrical Engineering Services

The dynamics of changes in the market requirements has established a collaboration with our customers from the design stage.

Objectives of our work,

  • Collaboration with the customer from the design engineering phase.
  • Find the right equipment to meet all project requirements. (technical and financial).
  • Reduce the end customer approval times for engineering
  • Reduce risks in commissioning phase of the project
  • Improve project profitability

Each project has different needs and these are changing rapidly, so these services evolve. Globally we can provide the following services,

  • Short-circuit studies
  • Selectivity and coordination of protections studies
  • Load-flow studies
  • Cable sizing studies
  • Motor starting studies
  • Harmonics studies
  • Transient stability studies

To perform these advanced electrical engineering studies we rely on the leading tool used worldwide in the dimensioning of electrical systems (ETAP Power Station).

We have a close relationship with ETAP Automation USA since eXDCi Solutions is a registered ETAP "Real-Time" System Integrator, so we are able to offer services with high added value in this field.


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