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eXDCi Services

Electrical Engineering Services

Standardization is the key factor to a quick and error free revisions management in electrical diagrams and achieve high quality in the final product and optimization of development time.

eXDCi Solutions offers our customers in electrical engineering a different solution, as we believe essential all the engineering tasks previous to the generation of the project electrical diagrams. Therefore we pay special interest in the following works,

  • Generation of Typical drawings per element.
  • Devices and Signals database generation.
  • Generation of Typical drawing per control panels.
  • List of cables templates generation.
  • Electrical terminals templates generation.

Once the first Typical drawings are generated, are presented to the customer and once the prior engineering is validated to proceed to the generation of complete switchboards dossiers. Depending on the project, the content of the dossiers varies but may contain the following elements,

  • Drawings.
  • Layout diagrams.
  • Labelling drawings.
  • Material lists.
  • Single-wire and multiwire diagrams
  • connection diagrams and tables

eXDCi Solutions does not manufacture electrical panels but supply all the engineering for further construction by the Installer or Panelbuilder.


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