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Specialized services in different areas

In eXDCi solutions we are specialized in following areas:

  • Automation Solutions based on Schneider Electric PlantStruxure platform(PLC, SCADA and communications).
  • Updating of communication systems in distributed systems based on ETIC Telecom devices.
  • Short-circuit, Selectivity and coordination of protections, Load-flow, Cable sizing, Motor starting, Harmonics and Transient stability studies based on ETAP Power Station software.
  • Development of Energy Management Systems based on the implementation of ETAP Real-Time electrical "model oriented" software.
Our experience supports us

Examples of products and services we provide to our customers

  • Process Automation Consulting for plant Supervision and Control.
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  • Advanced plant Electrical Enginering.
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  • Without changing the current communication cable bounce from limited communication (SINOUT, V23 Modems …) to an Ethernet network based on SHDSL technology.
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  • Specific Software Developments of advanced Schneider Electric PlantStruxure functionalities as a part of other company project.
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  • Technical assistance activities for the Propoerty project acceptance.
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  • Short-circuit, Selectivity and coordination of protections, Load-flow Studies in LV, MV and LV&MV systems.
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  • Harmonics Studies for the optimal selection of the electrical equipment to be installed to ensure the energy quality.
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  • Development and implementation of Smart Energy systems which brings many advantages in the decision-making capabilities to enhance the Plant availability and profitability.
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