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Specialist Distribution (sales and solution consulting services) of ETIC telecom products and implementation of complete communication solutions

Since 2013 eXDCi Solutions has been working in the implementation of solutions which enhance the distributed communication system performance with the minimum investment based on ETIC Telecom SHDSL products.

After the some successful implementations, in 2016 eXDCi Solutions closed a partner agreement with ETIC Telecom for the specialist distribution of the ETIC products in Spain. For these type of projects, eXDCi Solutions con offer a comprehensive solution,

  • Engineering services for the analysis and definition of the new SHDSL solution.
  • Analysis of the system suitability for the Ethernet implementation (current cable and devices).
  • Distribution of the ETIC devices defined during the engineering phase.
  • Project Electrical diagrams and installation of the devices at the electrical cabinets.
  • Remote controllers re-programming for the new communication protocol.

In our last project we have enhanced the communication bandwidth 1000 times by the replacement of old V23 modems by brand-new SHDSL ETIC switches.

Details of our last case of success...

Needs identified in our customers

Many of our customers in the 80s or 90s invested huge amounts of money in a proprietary communication network based on 4 or 6 pairs communication cable for the implementation of a distributed communication system. Nowadays this type of communication infrastructure is done based on fiber optic. Our customers need to implement more services for the correct system operation but they are limited due to the low bandwidth available, normally around 1200 baud. Depending on the manufacturer of the communication devices the protocol con be different SINOUT or serial protocols based on V2 modems. There is a need in our customers to improve the bandwidth but it is too expensive the migration from cable to fiber option.

eXDCi Solutions has set up solutions which solve this problem keeping the current cooper cable and implementing a proprietary Ethernet network by changing only the communication devices. Through the ETIC Telecom SHDSL technology it is possible to improve a minimum of 200 times the bandwidth using the same cable. The new proprietary Ethernet network permits our customers the adaptation the current needs. Some of the new services has been implemented by our customers are,

  • Ethernet connection to all the distributed controllers and possibility of download programs to the controllers.(Configuration Manager)
  • Using of Webcams for maintenance or security located at the remote stations (the image quality (frame/s) will depend on the available bandwidth).
  • Remote configuration of the field instrumentation.
  • Possibility of using RTU protocols at the remote stations like DNP3 or IEC 60870-5-101/104.
  • Any other service based on Ethernet technology.

From the engineering to the assembly on site, we offer a complete service from one source.


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