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eXDCi Services ETAP Real Time (ILS, PMS, EMS) registerer integrator (integration)

Development of Energy Management Systems Energy Management Systems in Spain

Given the current Energy needs, eXDCi Solutions since its foundation has sought innovative solutions which provide added-value functionalities to our customers.

In this respect, we may make special mention that our collaboration since 2012 with Operation Technology Inc. has been the key to implement worldwide reference Energy Management Systems within the ETAP "Real-Time" Solution.

eXDCi Solutions is registered as an ETAP System Integrator since 2012 and integrates the solutions Power Management, Energy Management and Intelligent Load Shedding solutions in the ETAP Real-Time platform based on the following products,

  • Power System Monitoring & Simulation (PSMS)
  • Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS)
  • Energy Management System (EMS)

Predictive Simulation and Analysis

The demands of increasing plant availability requires tools which can assess the impact of operations in electrical systems before they happen. It is estimated that 33% of the electrical systems outages are attributable to operator errors. The EMS based on ETAP Real-Time enables predictive simulations and analysis of electrical system operations in order to increase the plant availability and performance through,

  • Simulate circuit breaker operation.
  • Identify potential operating problems.
  • Predict system response based on operator actions.
  • Operator assistance & training.

The specialized knowledge in Advanced Electrical Engineering based on ETAP Power Station software, implementation capacity of Energy Management electrical solutions in Real-Time on the basis of ETAP Real-Time software and our experience in integration of industrial processes allow us to provide a complete solution to our customers.

The complete integrated solution can be seen summarized in the following layout,

Many of our customers require these services, as we often have worked with them in the definition of the solution and trust in eXDCi Solutions to implement the Energy Management Solution.


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