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References in Advanced Electrical Engineering

Sector: Environment - CSP Plant

Year: 2014

Project Implementation Country: Marocco

Description: Plant harmonic studies for the optimization of the Transformers and Speed Drives solutions to meet specifications of the tender in a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant .

Sector: Environment - Water Treatment

Year: 2014

Project Implementation Country: United Arab Emirates

Description: Electrical validation studies for the Medium Voltage and Low voltage solution to be implemented in a desalination plant. Short-circuit. Load-flow, Harmonics, Motor Starting and Transient Stability Studies have been made for the Faculty Management validation and acceptance of the designed solution.

Sector: Elevation - Port Cranes

Year: 2013

Project Implementation Country: Spain

Description: Short-circuit and protection devices Selectivity studies for the optimal parameterization of Medium Voltage relais of the Port Cranes Facility to solve electrical system trips.


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